Soft99 Wash Mist

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Soft99 Wash Mist

Soft99 Wash Mist is an multi-purpose interior cleaner with added odour elimination and anti-bacterial cleaning properties, capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria. Wash Mist is perfect for cleaning dust, dirt, streaks and grime from surfaces such as dashboards, plastic trim, navigation screens, glass and even fabric!

How to use Wash Mist

  • For glass, seats and floor mats: Directly spray on to surface and wipe with a clean microfibre towel. For odour elimination or anti bacterial action to be fully effective spray the surface until soaked and wipe off residue. If used on a child seat wipe off with a damp microfibre towel.
  • For dashboards, navigation screens: Spray Wash Mist onto a clean microfibre towel and wipe areas down.

Size: 300ml

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