Scholl Concepts Spider Pad NEO 145mm

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Scholl Concepts Spider Pad NEO 145mm

Scholl Concepts Spider Pad NEO 145mm

The Spider Sandwich Pads from Scholl Concepts feature a calibrated spider design which increases the polishing pad surface area. Compared to conventional pads, the Spider Pads can therefore absorb a greater quantity of polishing material resulting in enhanced cutting performance and greater yield of the abrasive gains. The foam gives higher air circulation, reducing heat generation whilst polishing allowing speeds to be increased and polishing time to be decreased. Spider Sandwich Pads combines the advantages of foam and wool pads.

The Honey NEO Spider Pad is a fine, porous, reticulated hybrid pad with a calibrated surface. It is designed for use with S20 Black on soft paintwork, for hologram free finish and for the efficient application of NEO Polymer Protection by machine polisher.

The Honey NEO Spider Pad recommended as a finishing pad on a Dual Action or Rotary Polisher for use with S20 Black, S30+ or S40 on problematic, heat sensitive and very soft paint surfaces

  • Spider Pad design maximises cut
  • Hologram free finishing
  • Low heat generation
  • Centre hole to help reduce surface temperature

Pad Cut: 2/6

Size: 145mm

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