Scholl Concepts S40 1kg

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Scholl Concepts S40 1kg

Scholl Concepts S40 1Kg

Microfine Finishing Compound

Scholl Concepts S40 is the finest of the Scholl Concepts compounds based on a highly refined aluminium oxide. A microfine Nano-Compound, it can remove light defects such as 5000 grit sanding marks, fine microscratches, swirl marks and holograms and is recommended for dark car paints - scratch-resistant or conventional.

The extremely fine nano-particles guarantee an outstanding final finish with an unmatched deep gloss. Cut and gloss levels can be regulated using different polishing pads (see below for recommendations).

Silicone free, it is suitable for use on fresh or used paintwork and with rotary (1000-2000 RPM) or dual action (2000-10000 RPM) machine polishers.

Cut: Microfine Gloss: Extreme Sanding Paper: P5000

Size: 1kg

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