Rupes UNO Advanced - Stand Alone Protection & Maintenance Polish


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Rupes UNO Advanced - Stand Alone Protection & Maintenance Polish

Rupes UNO Advanced is a finishing polish that combines incredible levels of gloss with extremely durable protection! This proprietary formula features highly technical micro-abrasive technology fused with state-of-the-art nano protection. 

UNO Advanced will remove minor defects such as fine swirls, holograms, and oxidation, polishing to a high gloss all whilst creating a durable layer of protection that provides up to 12 months of protection.

Use this polish as a stand-alone product to quickly enhance and protect paintwork, or use it as a follow up to a more aggressive cutting compound.

  • Fine finishing polish
  • High gloss levels
  • Up to 12 months of protection!

Usage Tips

The polish can separate over time in the bottle, whilst this is normal it's important to shake before first use and before reloading your pad each time.

Team UNO Advanced up with Rupes DA Ultra Fine Foam or DA Ultra Fine Microfibre Pads for light correction and enhancement applications. For increased defect removal team it up with a DA Medium Wool Pad.

UNO Advanced has a curing time of 4 hours after application. During this time avoid exposure to water.

Sizes Available: 250ml & 1L

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