Rupes HLR75 BigFoot iBrid Mini

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Rupes HLR75 BigFoot iBrid Mini

The new BigFoot Mini iBrid HLR75 Polisher represents the future in the evolution of RUPES tools with iBrid Technology. The 12mm orbit and the Ø 75mm backing plate make it the best solution for difficult shapes and for spot repair operations; a must for any detailer wishing to obtain perfect results, even in the most difficult areas.

The new iBrid Technology concept, already featured on the BigFoot iBrid Nano Polishers and the Q-MAG iBrid Nano Sander, increases process efficiency and optimizes the user experience, providing more versatility for the operator, thanks to the functionality as both battery-powered and cord-powered tool. The HLR75 also features optimized ergonomics, which make it comfortable and easy to use, while the innovative design provides incredible maneuverability and balance to guarantee precise and efficient polishing results.


The innovative iBrid Technology, already featured on the iBrid Nano polisher and the Q-MAG iBrid Nano sander, allows the RUPES iBrid tools to be configured to run on either battery or corded power, providing the user with even more versatility during any operation.


Modern lines and exceptional technical quality combined with a number of details that are the result of in-depth studies and research aimed at achieving maximum operator comfort.


Thanks to the backing pad with small diameter, the HLR75 is perfect in polishing applications on small and intricate areas. The small tool body dimensions and the 12mm orbit allow a comfortable handling and accuracy in detail polishing.


The speed controller is both practical and easy to use. It allows adjusting the speed of the polisher without interrupting the work and provides high visibility of the selected setting, even during operation.


Ergonomic and rubberized variable speed lever for a more precise tool control and full operator comfort.


Li-ION Battery (18V 2.5 Ah) with a led indicator showing the charge level. Between 35 and 45 minutes of battery life while operating The Battery Charger is custom-designed to fit the iBrid Mini’s unique battery pack system. The charging station indicates charge status using integrated LED lights and provides 100% charge from approximately 35 minutes.

What's included in the HLR75 STB Kit

  • 1x HLR75 RUPES Mini Polisher 9.HLR75
  • 2x 18v 2.5Ah Li-Ion Batteries 9HB180LT
  • 1x Charger 9HC180LT

What's included in the HLR75 BETA Kit

  • 1x HLR75 RUPES Mini Polisher 9.HLR75
  • 2x 18v 2.5Ah Li-Ion Batteries 9HB180LT
  • 1x Charger 9HC180LT
  • 1x D-A COARSE foam polishing pad 9.DA100H
  • 1x D-A FINE foam polishing pad 9.DA100M
  • 1x D-A COARSE Wool polishing pad 9.BW100H
  • 1x D-A FINE Wool polishing pad 9.BW100M
  • 1x D-A COARSE polishing compound 250ml 9.DACOARSE250
  • 1x D-A FINE polishing compound 250ml 9.DAFINE250
  • 1x Yellow Microfiber Cloth 9.BF9060
  • 1x Blue Microfiber Cloth 9.BF9050
  • 1x Systainer Case 9.CASEIII

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