Purestar Duplex Drying Towel - Small

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Purestar Duplex Drying Towel - Small

The Purestar Duplex Drying Towel Small is a twisted pile microfibre drying towel with a special no-sewing edgeless design for efficient and safe drying of your vehicle, the same as the original Duplex, just smaller. This double thickness towel absorbs twice as much water of that of a standard drying towel. With a thickness of 2cm+ it is probably the most absorbent drying towel on the market.

This smaller, yet still highly absorbent drying towel is perfect for drying smaller areas such as door shuts, wheels and other harder to reach areas.

If you want the large towel, have a look at Purestar Duplex Drying Towel.

Dimensions: 40 x 32cm

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