Poorboys Wheel Sealant

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Poorboys Wheel Sealant

Poorboys Wheel Sealant

Poorboys Wheel Sealant provides long lasting protection for wheels, creating a excellent barrier against brake dust, road tar and other environmental contaminates, making wheels easy to clean and maintain.

Poorboys Wheel Sealant can be used on all types of wheel, including coated, chrome, painted, polished and even plastic wheel trims.

What We Think

Poorboys Wheel Sealant is very easy to use and is perfect for giving your wheels a protective coat. Perfect for winter driving to protect against all the harsh environmental elements like road salt, snow and ice. Perfect for motorsport to protect your wheels against brake dust and heat build up which causes the brake dust to bake on the wheel surface. Poorboys Wheel Sealant is also perfect for everyday use to protect against tar and brake dust build up.

Poorboys Wheel Sealant is a very durable rim wax that not only protects your wheels but makes cleaning them easier. If you care about your wheels then protect them with Poorboys Wheel Sealant.

Size: 8oz

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