Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush


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Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush

Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush

Keeping your polishing pads clean during use is key to a successful polishing job. A clogged pad can cause damage to the pad or the paintwork as well as causing dusting and reducing it's effectiveness.

The Polishing Pad Cleaning Brush features a sturdy wooden handle with bristles stiff enough to remove spent polish from your pads but soft enough not to cause damage to the polishing pad.

Features of Pad Cleaning Brush

  • Prolong the life of your polishing pads
  • Reduce marring and dusting
  • Keeps polishing pads working to their full potential
  • Suitable for use on Foam and Microfibre Pads

How to use Pad Cleaning Brush

Simply brush the saturated pad in a straight motion to clean the surface, we recommend doing this over a bin or tray to collect the dust. Do not do it over the vehicle.

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