Menzerna Control Cleaner


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Menzerna Control Cleaner

Menzerna Control Cleaner

Menzerna Control Cleaner is a cleaning spray for surface inspection after polishing. Control Cleaner removes polishing residues and greases with ease and prepares the surface ready for sealing.

Control Cleaner is essential in the polishing process to ensure all defects are eliminated during the polishing stage by removing any excess polishing residue that may give a filling effect.

Menzerna Control Cleaner contains no silicones and is body shop safe. It is non flammable, water based and non irritating

  • Removes polishing residue and greases
  • Cleans the surface for visual inspection
  • Prepares the surface for sealing

How to use

Simply spray Menzerna Control Cleaner on the panel or the microfibre and wipe the area until polishing oils are removed and surface is clean.

Size: 500ml

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