Meguiars Wash Bucket & Grit Guard


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Meguiars Wash Bucket & Grit Guard

The bright yellow Meguiars Wash Bucket with Grit Guard is perfect for helping to minimise the risk of inflicting swirl marks in your paintwork whilst washing your car. This large, sturdy bucket will hold 18.9L of wash water and sits the Grit Guard in the bottom perfectly. The Grit Guard acts as a barrier between the wash mitt and the dirt and debris at the bottom of the bucket. 

For the ultimate in the safe wash routine try the two bucket method. One bucket contains clean "Wash" water and shampoo, whilst the other labelled "Rinse" just contains water. Dunk the mitt in the Wash bucket first and wash a panel of the vehicle. Bring the mitt back to the Rinse bucket to wash the dirt and debris from the mitt and quickly wring it off before again dunking it into the Wash bucket for a fresh dose of shampoo. This separates the dirt coming off the vehicle from the clean Wash water which will touch your vehicle.

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