Meguiars Last Touch


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Meguiars Last Touch

Meguiars Last Touch Spray Detailer

Meguiars Last Touch is a Quick Detailer which produces incredible depth, shine and gloss. This easy to use spray on, wipe off detailer has a unique blend of polymeric lubricating agents that gently remove dust, fingerprints, streaks and other contaminants leaving behind a flawless showroom shine.

Meguiars Last Touch Detailer can also be used as a clay bar lubricant. Dilute 1:1 and apply a liberal amount to the surface being clayed.

Features of Meguiars Last Touch

  • Remove dust, finger prints, streaks and more
  • Leaves a high gloss, slick finish
  • Safe on paint, plastic, chrome and vinyl
  • Can be used as clay lubricant

How to use Meguiars Last Touch

Ensure the paintwork is cool to the touch. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Spray Meguiars Last Touch directly on to the surface and gently wipe and buff with a clean microfibre towel.

Size: 3.78L (1 Gallon)

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