Maxshine Mini Polisher System

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Maxshine Mini Polisher System

The Maxshine Mini Polisher System is for those who need to polish the most intricate areas. The flexible shaft attaches to a rotary polisher and the head of the mini polisher allows the attachment of various small polishing pads going down as small as 1.5cm!

This polisher is perfect for polishing areas such as wheels, around badges, grilles, trim, and many other intricate areas.

Included In The Kit

  • x3 Red Finishing Pad – 1.5cm
  • x3 Red Finishing Pad – 2.6cm
  • x3 Green Polishing Pad – 1.5cm
  • x3 Green Polishing Pad – 2.6cm
  • x3 Felt Polishing Pad – 1.5cm
  • x3 Long Wool Pad – 2.5cm
  • x3 Orange Polishing Pad – 3x4.5cm
  • x3 Orange Polishing Pad – 3x3cm
  • x1 Backing Pad – 1.5cm
  • x1 Backing Pad – 2.5cm
  • x1 Adaptor M14 or 5/8"
  • x1 Small Wrench
  • x1 Small Bag
  • 1x Polisher with 1.5m cable 1.5m

Please note: This polisher is not self-powered and will require a rotary polisher to make it function.

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