Gyeon Q2M Waffle Dryer (Various Sizes)

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Size: 40x40cm
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Gyeon Q2M Waffle Dryer (Various Sizes)

The Gyeon Q2M Waffle Dryer is a high quality, super absorbent waffle weave drying towel that is available in three different sizes to suit different areas of the vehicle. 

The Large, 60x80cm Waffle Dryer is good for drying whole vehicles, being particularly good on large panels such as roofs and bonnets. The medium, 40x60cm Waffle Dryer is still a very capable towel, being able to dry a lot of the vehicle, just in a handier size. The small, 40x40cm Waffle Dryer is perfect for tight areas or even for drying wheels.

Small Size: 40x40cm
Medium Size:
Large Size: 60x80cm

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