Gyeon Q2M Leather Set Strong


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Gyeon Q2M Leather Set Strong

Gyeon Q²M Leather Set Strong is the complete solution combining Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong, a powerful pre-coating leather cleaner and Q² LeatherCoat to achieve the ideal leather maintenance & protection solution. Q²M Leather Strong ensures the removal of deep dirt, oil residue and provides best preparation for coating. Q² LeatherCoat ensures a long-lasting matte clean surface and makes future maintenance easier against contamination.

If you require the same kit, but with milder cleaner cleaner we recommend the Gyeon Q2M Leather Set Mild.

Kit Contains: Q2M Leather Cleaner Strong 200ml, Q2 Leather Coat 120ml, Q2M Leather Brush, Q2M Microfibre Applicator & Microfibre Towel

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