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Gyeon Q2 Syncro EVO is a unique coating system designed to provide long-lasting performance, protection, and self-cleaning properties.

Q2 Syncro EVO contains two Gyeon coatings, one of which being Q2 Mohs EVO which uses fluoro-modified polysilazanes for the first time ever in the car care industry. Modifiying polysilazanes at the precursory stages beings enormous benefits on all levels, durability, chemical resistance, and ease of use. Q2 Mohs EVO is amazingly easy to apply and remove, yet extremely chemical resistant. Slick and smooth, yet very durable. Not only this but also adds a nice gloss and extreme hydrophobicity to your paintwork.

Q2 Syncro EVO is a specially designed coating system, consisting of a sophisticated base coat of Q2 Mohs EVO and the top coat of Q2 Skin EVO. Q2 Skin further increases gloss and the durability of the hydrophobic effect massively. Q2 Skin also enhances the colour, especially noticeable on darker paints.

All Gyeon EVO coatings can be applied outdoors. Ensure stable conditions, never use in direct sunlight and check the weather forecast. Ensure the coating does not get wet in the first 12 hours after application.

  • Consumption: 15-25ml (per car)
  • PH Tollerance: 2-11
  • Durability: up to 50 months / 50 KM

Sizes Available: 30ml Kit & 50ml Kit

Kit Contains: Q2 Mohs EVO, Q2 Skin EVO, Q2M Coating Applicator, Q2M Cure 100ml, Booklet, Stickers.

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