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Gyeon Q2 Matte EVO is a unique ceramic coating for matte finishes.  Q2 Matte EVO Enhances colour without changing the finish of your matte paintwork, PPF, or vinyl wrap. Q2 Matte EVO is a one-layer formula, easy to apply that is highly hydrophobic and designed for maximum durability.

A major benefit of Q2 Matte EVO is its neutral finish on matte or satin paints. Its silicon dioxide (SiO2) based formula has been specially designed to provide high UV and chemical protection combined with great self-cleaning properties on the very demanding structure of matte paintwork. The Q2 Matte EVO kit also includes our special hydrophobic spray-sealant/ceramic detailer formulated for matte paints - Q2M Cure Matte along with all the required applicators and a product-specific user manual.

Q2 Matte EVO has been designed from scratch only for matte & satin finishes. It, therefore, provides incredible durability in comparison with regular coating products. Self-cleaning and beading performance has also been greatly improved when compared with standard coatings used on this very specific surface.

All EVO formulas can be applied outdoors. Ensure stable conditions, never use in direct sunlight and check the weather forecast! The coating should not get wet in the first 12 hours after application.

  • Consumption: 30-50ml (per car)
  • PH Tollerance: 2-11
  • Durability: up to 24 Months or 30km

Size: 50ml

Kit Contains: Q2 Matte EVO 50ml, Q2M Coating Applicator, Q2M Cure Matte 100ml, Instructions, Stickers

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

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