Gyeon Q2M Prep

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Gyeon Q2M Prep

Gyeon Q2M Prep prepares the surfaces for two things, inspection after machine polishing or prior to coating. Oily residues left behind from polishing can cause a "Filling" affect, hiding marring, hazing and light swirl marks. Removing these oily residues ensures you can properly inspect the paintwork after polishing.

Prior to coating a vehicle, Q2M Prep will remove oily residues left behind from polishing as well as many other contaminants, ensuring a cleansed surface ready for the application of a coating. Using Q2M Prep ensures the best possible bond to the paintwork for the coating which in turn will increase durability.

Using Gyeon Q2M Prep

After polishing mist Prep either on to the paintwork or on to a microfibre towel and wipe the panel down. Inspect with an LED Light and polish again if required. Repeat this process until paint is to the standard you require.

The same method as above goes for using it prior to coating, just without using an LED Light for inspecting the paintwork. It can be used on paintwork, trim, glass and many other areas.

Sizes Available: 500ml, 1L & 4L
IPA Percentage: >50%

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