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Dodo Juice Fillit Bang

Dodo Juice Fillit Bang is a show glaze that has the capability to hide minor swirl marks and micro-marring, leaving behind a deep, high gloss finish. Fillit Bang is ideal for those that do not have the time or confidence to machine polish a car, simply apply Fillit Bang and then seal it with your favorite wax.

Fillit Bang won't help the adhesion of sealant layers though and won't increase the longevity or durability of waxes, so don't use it if you want your LSP to last as long as possible. This is for visual appearance. The best finish possible in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort. For nano-ceramic sealants and long-lasting LSPs, you'll need to panel-wipe first instead of ramping up the oils and shine with Fillit Bang. That's why nano-ceramic treated cars get machine polished from head to tail before application (or should do).

Finally, Fillit Bang can be applied by hand like traditional glazes, or applied by a machine polisher using a fine-cut foam pad. (Although if you're going to get the machine polisher out, you may as well remove those swirls mechanically... just saying!).

Note that oily glazes can sink into old or degraded paint finishes and this may lead to an inconsistent finish (patchiness, smears, etc.). Sometimes further application may saturate the paint enough to minimise the effect, but it may also make it worse. We strongly recommend that you try Fillit Bang on an inconspicuous area first if unsure of the results. In the event of misapplication, Fillit Bang will eventually evaporate/wear off but this may take many weeks or months. Panel-wipe may remove it and it can be machine polished off, but we'd suggest applying it cautiously until familiar with its behavior and characteristics.

Size: 500ml

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