Chemical Guys Strawberry Margarita Air Freshener

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Chemical Guys Strawberry Margarita Air Freshener

Chemical Guys Strawberry Margarita Air Freshener

Strawberry Margarita from Chemical Guys is a sprayable air freshener for use in your car, around the home or at the work place!

Strawberry Margarita delivers the fragrance of fresh, juicy strawberries. This refreshing and calming scent might have you thinking your on a sun drenched beach taking in the rays and enjoying the views when you may actually be stuck in a traffic jam whilst it's raining outside, it's that good!

Strawberry Margarita is engineered with active odour eliminators and neutralisers which rapidly subdue undesirable smells at the source.

  • Fresh & calming strawberry scent
  • Odour eliminator and neutraliser
  • Quick and easy to use

How to use

Simply spray Strawberry Margarita in each foot well to deliver that addictive fragrance, avoid spraying on leather or plastic trim as it can leave a sticky residue. Top up as required.

Size: 473ml (16oz) with spray head

Video of Strawberry Margarita

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