Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Stain Extractor

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Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Stain Extractor

Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Stain Extractor

Stain Removal

Chemical Guys Lightning Fast Carpet & Upholstery Stain Extractor is a powerful cleaning solution that can remove stubborn stains from carpet, upholstery, fabric and much more. The unique formula contains powerful cleaning agents that attack stains, grease, dirt and grime easily and quickly to eliminate the need for vigorous scrubbing.

Lightning Fast Stain Extractor is water based which means it wont harm or destroy the original colours or fade surfaces. The concentrated formula can be diluted as desired. The special cleaning agents work to lift the dirt particles away from the fibres so it can be removed quickly and with ease.

Lightning Fast Stain Extractor is so versatile that there are three ways of using this product, sprayed on and wiped off, brushed in and vacuumed out or it can be used with leading extractor machines.

  • Powerful Cleaning Agents
  • Removes Stubborn Stains
  • Won't Discolour or Fade Fabrics

How to use

Vacuum to ensure all loose and dry debris is removed from areas. Then dilute product if you wish to, recommended ratio is 20:1 or leave neat for stronger stain removal. Spray onto designated area and agitate with a brush and wipe away using a microfibre cloth.

Size: 473ml (16oz)

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