Bilt Hamber Air Con Bomb Cirtus

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Bilt Hamber Air Con Bomb Cirtus

The Bilt Hamber Air Con Bomb is a citrus-fragranced treatment to sanitise and deodorise vehicles interiors and air conditioning systems.

This simple-to-use, one-shot aerosol requires no additional equipment. The dispensed bactericide is combined with molecules that effectively disable odour-causing substances. The inside of air-conditioning systems and vehicle interior is left sanitised and protected against further contamination, plus fresh citrus like aroma is imparted.

Recommended: retreat the vehicle every six months to one year.

How to use the Bilt Hamber Air Con Bomb

Slide the passenger seat fully back and place the canister on the floor so that it will not spray directly onto any surfaces. Turn the vehicle on and turn the air conditioning system on to maximum power in recirculation mode.

Shake the canister well and depress the trigger, please note that once activated the aerosol cannot be shut off and must be left to complete the discharge. Leave for three minutes with the engine and air conditioning running.

Once complete, turn the engine off and open the doors to allow the car to ventilate for six minutes before driving.

Size: 150ml

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