Auto Finesse Wash 'N' Gloss Shampoo

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Auto Finesse Wash 'N' Gloss Shampoo

A highly effective blend of cleaning agents and advanced surfactants, Auto Finesse Wash N Gloss Ceramic Shampoo is designed to safely cleanse all surfaces of grime, leaving behind nothing but an ultra-hydrophobic ceramic coating

Due to the specially-developed cleaning and shining formulation, which has been infused with SiO2 rinse agents, Wash N Gloss performs two key detailing tasks simultaneously. The first is using specially developed surfactants to safely lift, lubricate and encapsulate potentially harmful particles. Once suspended in the solution, these can be rinsed away without the risk of scratching or inflicting swirl marks. Secondly, Wash N Gloss also installs an SiO2 layer to boost beading, extreme water behaviour and hard-layer protection.

Silicon Dioxide, or Silica, is the main ingredient found in glass, this compound chemically bonds to surfaces on a molecular level to create a tough layer that’s impermeable to moisture and able to stop grime sticking by offering a smooth surface that dirt simply can’t cling on to. This not only makes surfaces more resistant to abrasion, and easier to clean the next time around, but levels the optical finish by smoothing out tiny imperfections in the surface, making paintwork in particular appear to be far deeper and glossier.

Using this powerful, all-in-one formula is the easy way to clean, shine and add durable ceramic protection on every contact wash, and also acts as the perfect protection top up for vehicles with previously-applied ceramic coatings.

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