Auto Finesse Panel Wipe Solution No. 00

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Auto Finesse Panel Wipe Solution No. 00

Auto Finesse Panel Wipe is an isopropyl-based inspection and preparation spray, perfect for inspecting paintwork after machine polishing & preparing the paintwork before applying ceramic coatings.

For machine polishing, Auto Finesse Panel Wipe becomes an inspection spray, helping to identify areas that require a little more polishing work. No matter how good your polishing compound, the lubricants, and other oily additives left behind can sometimes have a slight filling effect, masking potential defects still in the paintwork. Having an inspection of the paintwork, wiping it down with Panel Wipe and checking with an LED can remove these oils, highlighting areas that require more work.

For ceramic coating, Panel Wipe helps to remove any greasy oils left on the paintwork, leaving the surface surgically clean and ready for the application of a ceramic coating. If the surface is not prepared before the application of a ceramic coating it can have several problems. First the durability is not going to be as expected, second the coating could fail to bond properly causing it to lift and have adverse effects on the appearance.

Auto Finesse Panel Wipe is a fast-flashing, non-abrasive solution that is ready to use. Simply spray, wipe, and inspect.

Sizes Available: 500ml & 1L

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