Auto Finesse Imperial

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Auto Finesse Imperial

Auto Finesse Imperial

Acid Free Wheel Cleaner

Auto Finesse Imperial is an acid free wheel cleaner with a powerful blend of cleaning agents and degreasers designed to separate the brake dust and road dirt from the wheels with ease.

The highly concentrated alkaline surfactants contained within Imperial work by attacking the road grime and binding agents that adhere the brake dust to the wheel, allowing it to be easily washed away. Imperial has the power to remove practically any level of brake dust effortlessly, whilst remaining safe for you and your vehicle.

  • Acid Free
  • Tough On Brake Dust

How to use Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner

Ensure wheels are cool before use and please note this is suitable for use on painted, clear coated and powder coated wheels.

Rinse wheel first to remove any loose contaminants then spray Imperial on the wheel and allow to dwell for a moment. With an assortment of brushes begin to agitate starting from the barrel of the wheel and then working your way to the faces. Use a separate bucket to rinse your brushes out in. Finally rinse the wheel clean and dry with a microfibre towel.

Sizes: 500ml, 1L & 5L

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