Auto Finesse Dressle

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Auto Finesse Dressle

Auto Finesse Dressle is a versatile all-purpose dressing for the exterior and interior trim. This liquid, dry touch water-based dressing can be sprayed directly onto the surface or applied via an applicator or cloth depending on the area of the vehicle you are working on, and your personal preference. This highly versatile dressing is also great for dressing hard-to-reach areas such as wheel wells and engine bays, due to its spray-on and walk-away nature, simply dose the surface with a few fine mists of Dressle and leave to cure.

Dressle is also a great product to enhance the appearance of the cockpit of your vehicle, as it dries to a non-sticky or greasy finish, it leaves a pleasant and natural sheen. The UV inhibitors help prevent interior surfaces from fading and keeps a deep rich finish to your interior plastic and vinyl trim, it contains no waxes, oils, or petroleum distillates.

Size: 500ml

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