Angelwax Luminosity Matte Shampoo


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Angelwax Luminosity Matte Shampoo

Angelwax Luminosity Shampoo

Matte Paint and Matte Wrap Car Shampoo

Angelwax Luminosity Matte Shampoo is a pH neutral car shampoo designed specifically for cleaning matte paintwork and matte wrapped cars. Matte finishes require specialist cleaning chemicals that are free from waxes, silicone and a neutral pH level. Luminosity Matte Shampoo has the power to clean thoroughly without damaging the matte surface. This shampoo is gentle on matte surfaces, highly concentrated and provides not only excellent cleaning power but high lubricity, ensuring your mitt glides gently across the surface. Luminosity does all of this without adding any gloss of shine to the surface. 

How To Use Angelwax Luminosity Matte Shampoo

Add two caps full of Luminosity Shampoo to a bucket and wash the vehicle with a Wash Mitt. Thoroughly rinse the vehicle down and dry with a Microfibre Drying Towel.

Size: 500ml

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