Angelwax Halo Wax

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Angelwax Halo Wax

Angelwax Halo Wax

Angelwax Halo is a synthetic paste wax designed to give the ultimate final finish for the myriad of surfaces on your vehicle. Angelwax Halo adds a protective seal to the bodywork which provides a deep gloss and superb durability which lasts in excess of 6 months.

Halo is a completely synthetic product which can be used on every surface of the vehicle and beautifully restores tired and faded exterior plastics, rubber trim and glass.

How To Use Angelwax Halo

Ensure vehicle is clean and the surface is cool and not in direct sunlight. Apply Halo one panel at a time with a clean Wax Applicator. Allow 2 minutes for the wax to cure to the surface before buffing clean with a Microfibre Towel.

Size: 30ml & 250ml

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