Alchemy White Wash

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Alchemy White Wash

Whitewash dirt away with this pH-neutral snow foam. Using hydro-cling technology, Alchemy Whitewash will safely remove dirt and debris away from the surface of your car. The thick foam encapsulates the dirt, all you then do is rinse and watch the dirt is wash away.

With our cars in mind, we developed this snow foam to take away all the grime that gets thrown at it. But we it still need to be gentle on the wax and sealants that we had spent so long applying. Watching as the dirt literally drained away, we were in no doubt that the only name for this was Whitewash.

Whitewash is a concentrated formula; for tough, stubborn dirt, use a ratio of 1:5 through to 1:25 for a pre-shampoo.  For really stubborn areas, Whitewash can be used neat.


Whitewash should be used with a foam lance attached to your pressure washer, add an inch of Whitewash into the bottle, and top with water.

Starting from the top, cover the vehicle with a layer of this thick snow foam and leave to dwell for a few minutes. Pass the time by watching the dirt slide off your car and onto the floor. Rinse the car to remove the remaining snow foam.

Size: 1L & 5L

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