3M - 3434 Professional Blue Masking Tape

3MSKU: 3M3434-19mm

Width: 19 mm
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3M - 3434 Professional Blue Masking Tape

3M 3434 Professional Blue Masking Tape 25mm

3M 3434 low tack, high-performance masking tape for the automotive industry. The special low-tack adhesive will not lift even when wet and will not leave any nasty residue behind, making it perfect for a number of uses.

Machine Polishing When machine polishing, you can use 3M 3434 masking tape to protect plastics, trims, and panel gaps.

Paintwork Protection Use this tape to protect new and fresh paint against bug splats and stone chips, this is a common use of this tape amongst show car owners when traveling to car shows. Often referred to as "Scene Tape"

Bodyshop - This tape can be used to mask areas requiring paint due to its waterproof properties.

Sizes Available: 19mm, 25mm, 38mm & 50mm x 50m

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