At Shop ‘n’ Shine we sell a wide range of waxes to suit all budgets, from Panel Pots to more premium products.

Wax is designed to protect your paintwork. Better known as an LSP (Last Stage Protection) they are designed to be used at the end of the Detailing process (after polishing). All waxes are based around a natural product called Carnauba. Carnauba is the wax taken from the leaves of a plant found only in Brazil called, Copernicia prunifera or more commonly referred to as the ‘Carnauba plant’. To extract the wax the leaves are taken from the plant, dried out and then beaten to produce yellow flakes of pure Carnauba which can then be refined and mixed with other ingredients to produce the vast amount of waxes you see on the market today.

They come in numerous colours, have multiple fragrances, can be either a Paste or a Liquid, and probably everyone you talk to about them has an opinion what is good and what they think is rubbish. So I suppose this is our ‘opinion’ on waxes, based on a vast amount of experience, hands on knowledge from actually using them and the feedback we get from our customers.

Light colours, (White/silver)

  • Collinite 845 – A long lasting wax that we have found responds well to light colours
  • Dodo Juice Diamond White – Carnauba based hard paste wax great for lighter coloured cars
  • Britemax Vantage – Brilliant on any colour, boosts depth and has long term protection

Dark colours (Black, Blues, Crimson Reds, etc)

Bold, bright colours, solid colours (Red, Yellow, Green etc)

Metallic Paint

Waxes for any colour


Price is another key element when buying a wax, we have put together a small list of what we think are the best waxes within a certain budget.

Under £15

If you are working to a tight budget then you can’t go wrong with Chemical Guys XXX or Poorboys Nattys.

£15 – £20

Stretching your budget a little further then Finish Kare 1000p or Collinite 915 make a good choice.


If you are looking for a more premium wax then at Shop ‘n’ Shine we offer 3 choices; Autoglym HD Wax, Chemical Guys 5050 Connoisseur Wax and Britemax Vantage.

We also sell nearly the entire Dodo Juice Wax range, with panel pots starting from £5.95 and full size pots costing £29.95.