Britemax Vantage Paste Wax

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Britemax Vantage Paste Wax

Britemax Vantage Paste Wax

Premium Carnauba Paste Wax

Britemax Vantage is a premium carnauba wax suitable for all paint types and colours. Vantage combines a high content of #1 grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax and Polymers, engineered to deliver incredible wetness and depth of shine with superb durability and protection.

  • Easy to apply and buff off
  • Brazilian #1 grade carnauba
  • Fortified with polymers for superb durability

How to use Britemax Vantage

  1. Apply a thin and even coat of Britemax Vantage
  2. Allow wax to cure for 10-15 minutes
  3. Buff to a high shine with a clean microfibre towel

What we think

Britemax Vantage is perhaps one of the finest waxes we've ever got our hands on. It's incredibly easy to apply and spreads evenly with no fuss. Buffing off is just as easy whether you leave it for 15 minutes or for hours  we didn't struggle to remove the residue. The gloss levels produced by this wax are incredible, water behaviour is fantastic too with that all important water beading action. Finally durability is impressive as we saw around 2-3 months of noticeable protection from this wax which is remarkable considering how effortlessly it was to apply.

Size: 236ml

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