NEW: Chemical Guys Products

Introducing 4 new Chemical Guys Detailing Products to our already large offering of Chemical Guys Detailing Products featured on our online store.

Chemical Guys Decon Pro Iron Remover

As the name suggests Chemical Guys Decon Pro is an Iron Fallout Remover designed for wheels and paintwork. The pH neutral formula safely draws harmful iron contamination away from the paintwork turning it water soluble, allowing it to be rinsed away.

Buy it here: Chemical Guys Decon Pro Iron Fallout Remover

Chemical Guys Clean Slate Shampoo

Chemical Guys Clean Slate is a powerful cleansing car shampoo designed to strip waxes, sealants and glazes making it perfect for preparing for a full detail or fresh layer of wax or sealant. Also Clean Slate is great for preparing the surface before application of Vinyl Wrap or Paint Protection Film.

Buy it here: Chemical Guys Clean Slate Shampoo

Chemical Guys After Wash

Chemical Guys After Wash is not necessarily a new product here, we have stocked the 16oz size of After Wash for quite some time but after requests we have now stocked the Gallon size.

After Wash is a drying aid designed to make washing your car quicker, easier and safer. Simply wash the car and rinse off, whilst still wet spray After Wash on the surface and begin to dry. After Wash will help to disperse the water, add lubrication and leave a glossy finish behind all in one step.

Buy it here: Chemical Guys After Wash

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