NEW: Britemax ClayMax Clay Bar

We managed to get our hands on the Britemax ClayMax Chemical Resistant Clay Bar a few weeks ago, just before it’s release. We put together a mini review of the product to let you know what we really though of it.

The Britemax ClayMax Clay Bar is presented well in a smart, professional looking tin. This certainly gave us good first impressions on the product, showing that the manufacturer cared about the presentation, lets hope that quality also reflects in the clay bar itself.

Britemax Clay Max Clay Bar

We cut the clay bar with a pair of scissors to get a nice clean edge and proceeded to kneed the clay bar into a large coin sized piece. As this clay bar is Chemical Resistant it can be used with a number of products as a lubricant like quick detailers and even water but the most interesting one was Britemax Iron Max which is a iron fallout remover. This made things interesting as we could perform a double decontamination by claying the surface removing contaminants like tree sap, overspray, tar and so on whilst the Iron Max was drawing out harmful iron contamination.

Britemax Iron Max is different to other Iron Fallout Removers as it doesn’t have that nasty pong! We still recommend wearing gloves whilst using Iron max but it wont offend your nostrils anywhere near as much as others will, it’s actually quite pleasant.

Britemax Clay Max Clay Bar

As soon as the Iron Max hit the surface it was immediately obvious there was iron contamination on the paintwork. As this got to work we sprayed a small amount on to the Clay Max Clay Bar and began to gently rub the bar across the paintwork. Iron Max features a gel like consistency which made it perfect as a lubricant, we found with the car in the shade it really increased our working time with the clay bar without having to use excessive amounts of product as lubricant. However we did find in areas of the car not in the shade it dried out much quicker so we would recommend claying and then rinsing each panel down when finished.

As we worked around the car we were blown away by the quality of this bar and it’s performance on contamination. The bar did not wear down easy and did not break up. It handled stubborn contaminants like tar spots with ease.

Britemax Clay Max Clay Bar

The aftermath of our double decon session on this Seat Leon was this. Overall we were very impressed with how this clay bar handled with the Iron Max as a lubricant, it did such a thorough job of ensure the paintwork was free of contaminants and ready for polishing and protecting with sealants or waxes.

One thing to note is that we strongly recommend to keep the plastic wrapper that comes on the clay bar as it likes to really stick itself to the inside of the tin and ends up breaking up. So after you have cut the bar into pieces, place it back into the plastic wrapper and then into the tin to save any mess or product wastage.

The Britemax ClayMax is due for release on Friday 17th June and you can get yours first here at Shop ‘n’ Shine by following the link below.

Britemax ClayMax Chemical Resistant Clay Bar