Chemical Guys After Wash

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Chemical Guys After Wash

After Wash Drying Aid

Chemical Guys After Wash is a drying aid designed to do three things to make drying of your paintwork quicker, easier, safer and more rewarding.

Firstly, After Wash releases water from the surface thanks to it's hydrophobic technology. This makes drying much easier as it encourages water to run off the paintwork before a towel has even touched the car.

Secondly, After Wash provides lubrication to the surface minimising drag between the microfibre drying towel and the paint surface which reduces the risk of inflicting swirl marks.

Finally, After Wash will boost the shine on any colour thanks to it's optical gloss enhancers, keeping your car looking it's best for longer.

Chemical Guys After Wash is the perfect product for making your maintenance washes much easier.

  • Release water from the surface thanks to it's hydrophobic effect
  • Provide lubrication whilst drying the vehicle
  • Enhance the shine thanks to it's optical gloss enhancers

How to use Chemical Guys After Wash

Wash the car in the normal way, rinse the shampoo off and whilst the car is still wet spray Chemical Guys After Wash on the surface and then dry the area with your drying towel.

You may want to follow up with a second towel to ensure a streak free finish.

Size: 473ml (16oz) & 3.78L (1 US Gallon)

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