Koch Chemie 1K Nano Sealant Review

Koch Chemie has certainly been a popular brand with us and our customers having tried most of the range one that has been tempting us has been the Koch Chemie 1K Nano Sealant. The other day we gave in to temptation and tried it on a Audi UR Quattro that ATD Detailing in Derby had in for a Detail.

Koch Chemie 1K Nano

The car was washed, decontaminated and polished to prepare the paintwork ready for the sealant. The surface was given a wipe down with Gtechniq Panel Wipe prior to applying the sealant to ensure the best possible bond.

This sealant can be applied either with the supplied applicator or by a Dual Action Machine Polisher and a finishing pad. It’s simply a case of working the sealant into the paintwork for several minutes and then allowing a few more minutes for the sealant to bond with the surface before buffing to a high gloss with a clean microfibre. After working around the car allow 2 hours for the sealant to fully cure.

Koch Chemie 1K Nano

What we found brilliant about this product was to fully coat the UR Quattro only used around 50ml of product, bearing in mind it’s a 250ml bottle that brings the cost per application right down to below £30 making this product very competitive!

It leaves behind a slick, sharp, glossy finish which certainly impressed us and the water behaviour is fantastic with great beading and sheeting action. The protection lasts for around a year however Koch Chemie state that maintaining the car using their Koch Chemie Nano Magic Shampoo will boost the protection up to 3 years.

Koch Chemie 1K Nano

Although we are yet to test the durability of this product we are left with no doubt that this product will remain durable for the time stated by Koch Chemie but we will certainly keep you updated as I will be protecting my own car in this product also.

Overall we are extremely impressed with the ease of application, the gloss levels and the water behaviour of Koch Chemie 1K Nano and we will certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a durable nano protection for their vehicle.

Koch Chemie 1K Nano Beading

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