Valet Pro Black To The Future is a trim dressing and protectant which breathes life back into faded trim and helps to prevent them fading again. Read More
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Valet Pro Black To The Future

Trim Dressing

Valet Pro Black to the Future turns back time on old, faded plastics by restoring a deep, black, lustrous like new finish to them.

Black to the Future not only breaths life back into trim but also protects against fading.

Application is easy thanks to it's gel formulation. No need to hit 88 miles per hour, Black to the Future works it's magic right in front of your eyes.

Black to the Future can also be applied to tyres.

  • Revive faded plastic trims
  • Leaves a hyper beading finish
  • Suitable for Tyres and Plastic Trims

How to use Black to the Future

  • Apply using a soft foam applicator, spreading evenly.
  • On plastics leave for 5-10 minutes, then buff thoroughly to remove any residue.

Size: 50ml & 250ml