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Wash Bucket with Black Grit Guard

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Wash Bucket with Black Grit Guard

Our 20L Heavy Duty Car Wash Bucket with genuine Black Grit Guard is best way to wash your car, reducing the risk of inflicting swirl marks and scratches.

The Grit Guard insert separates the dirt and grit at the bottom of your bucket from making contact with your wash mitt. The fins or legs of the Grit Guard also keep water movement at the bottom of the bucket to a minimum helping to prevent the dirt and grit rising back up the bucket with movement.

Safe washing tips

To make your wash routine even safer consider the two bucket method, which is self explanatory. You have two buckets one labeled rinse, the other wash. The idea here is your wash bucket will contain nice, clean water and shampoo. The rinse bucket will contain the dirty water, helping to further separate the dirt and grit away from the mitt and paintwork. Simply dunk the mitt in the wash bucket and clean an area of the car, give the mitt a brief rinse out in the rinse bucket and then return to the wash bucket. You will see the difference in the colour of the water as you go along.

Also the Grit Guard Washboard is a handy addition as it acts as a scrubbing board for your wash mitt. To find out more about this item follow this link: Grit Guard Washboard

Size: 20L