Gyeon Q2 Syncro EVO Light

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Gyeon Q2 Syncro EVO Light

Gyeon Q2 Syncro EVO Light is the most advanced ceramic coating for enthusiasts and professionals. The sophisticated 2 part kit contains Q2 MOHS EVO to offer hardness and significant durability and Q2 Skin EVO which offers a thick and flexible topcoat with impressive self-cleaning abilities.

Please Note: This is the light version of Q2 Syncro EVO and contains the coating only! If you require the full kit, it can be found here: Gyeon Q2 Syncro EVO.

Sizes Available: 30ml (30ml Q2 MOHS EVO & 30ml Q2 Skin EVO) & 50ml (50ml Q2 MOHS EVO & 50ml Q2 Skin EVO) 

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