Claying is one of the best and easiest ways to remove bonded contaminants from your paintwork. It is a vital step in preparing your cars paint if you wish to machine polish, and apply polishes, waxes or sealants.

Equipment Required

STEP 1: Wash Your Car

The first step of decontaminating your vehicles paintwork is to wash your car thoroughly (more info on how to do this is available in our Safe Washing Guide).

STEP 2: Claying Process

Claying is relatively easy. Start by breaking off a portion of the clay bar (a portion similar to the size of a golf ball will be ideal), work the clay in your hands until it can be moulded easily, once you can manipulate its shape with ease the clay is then ready for working on your paint.

Clay one panel at a time or larger body panels (i.e. bonnet) split them into sections. Spray the panel liberally with the Clay Lube ensuring most of the panel has a thin film of lube covering it. Begin by stretching out the clay so it is roughly 5-6cm square in shape, place it on the body panel and move back and forth in straight lines (the clay should move freely across the body panel, if not apply more lube) the feeling will be a little bumpy/rough at first as the roughness you are feeling is all the bonded contaminants on your paint, once these are removed the clay will glide across the paintwork without any hesitation and it will feel like glass.

Repeat the motion across the entire panel, adding more lube if required until you have successfully covered its entire surface. You can then carefully dab the drying towel on the surface to remove any excess lube to leave a dry panel behind. Once the portion of clay you are using has become ‘full’, it has changed colour and is no longer removing contaminants but actually harming your paint, you can either fold it over to expose a fresh side of clay or start with a new portion.

Repeat this process of spraying lube, claying and drying until you have covered every panel on the car. And remember to work from the top of the vehicle down, as you don’t want to accidentally drag any dirt / tar from the bottom of the car upwards hindering the paints finish.

Remember: If you drop the clay at any point on the floor throw it away and continue with a fresh portion.

Top Tip: If the weather is cold outside place a second portion of clay in a mug of warm water. This way once your current portion has been used you will have another ready for action within seconds.