A good shampoo will provide excellent lubrication to prevent scratching and conditioners to maintain the shine of your vehicles paintwork. Shampoo is available in many different forms and it is possible to get a shampoo containing wax to give you extra gloss and added protection.

Due to the popularity of Car Shampoo, Shop ‘n’ Shine stock many variations. With this much to choose from, even we are spoilt for choice!

Recommendation – Shampoo

It all depends what you’re looking for from a shampoo. If you want something that simply does exactly as it says on the tin then you can’t go wrong with Valet Pro Concentrated Car Wash, Chemical Guys Maxi Suds or Poorboys Super Slick & Suds.

However if you’re looking for a more advanced shampoo that includes special conditioners and additives to increase the life length of your wax or sealant then you can’t exclude products like Valet Pro Advanced Poseidon, Chemical Guys Glossworkz or Dodo Juice Sour Power.

All the above products and more can be found through Shampoo section of our Online Shop.