Washing your car does not always remove stubborn dirt from the surface like tar, tree sap, brake dust, overspray. Clay bars gently remove these contaminants and leave your paintwork smooth and ready for polishing.

For most applications a Fine Grade clay bar will be suffice, Coarse Clay Bars are needed when the contamination build up is excessive. Lubrication is the most important part of claying, without a well lubricated surface the clay will not work and you will mar the paint.

Recommendation – Clay

When it comes to which clay to use, which is ‘best’, which is the best price per bar etc we honestly cannot find a rival for our own Fine Grade Clay Bar which can be found through the online shop. The clay bar it is one the best priced clay bars on the market. It works brilliantly on all surfaces, removes just as much contamination as other clay bars on the market.

Recommendation – Lubricant

Clay lubricant comes in a wide range of colours and bottles, when it comes down to it most, if not all perform exactly the same. From a customer’s perspective you want something that is great value, does the job intended and doesn’t run out after only doing half a car. For this reason we highly recommend Auto Finesse Glide. This product offer great value for money, Glide has been a staple of many detailers kit bags for years so you know you are getting a product that performs well even for professionals, and a 500ml bottle will last a considerable amount of time.