Contaminants come from a number of sources, the most common being brakes and the road surface itself. These etch into your vehicles wheels and paintwork and can cause corrosion, bubbling of the paint and hamper is overall finish.

There are 3 steps to decontaminating your paintwork, if you would like more information on how to complete this please see our Decontamination Guide.

Recommendation – Tar / Adhesive Remover

Tar and Adhesive can be a tricky substance to remove from your vehicles paint, for this reason there are a number of specially designed products on the market to safely and effectively remove them.

One of our favourites has to be Valet Pro’s Tar and Glue Remover. This product comes in either 500ml or 5L sizes, both offering superb value for money for a product which will work well on most if not all applications.

Recommendation – Iron Remover

Iron Removal products have grown increasing common within a very short period of time, this means there are many manufacturers claiming theirs is the ‘best’ and beats all the competition. If you want an easy to use product that doesn’t cost a fortune then look no further than Valet Pro’s Dragons Breath. This product comes in either 500ml or 1L sizes. Dragons Breath is a simple spray on, wash off product.