DAS-6 Machine Polishers

The DAS-6 range of machine polishers is one of the most trusted names when it comes to polishing. The brand first emerged in 2008 with the DAS-6 Polisher. This machine offered a lot of features at a very affordable price. Today that continues with a number of polishers suitable for different tasks but all remaining true to their roots of being feature rich, affordable, and reliable.

DAS-6 V2

The DAS-6 V2 is the entry level machine in the range, however don't turn your nose up at it, this is still a very capable machine!


Orbit: 9mm
Motor: 650w
Speed: 2000 - 6500 opm
Cable: 5m

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DAS-6 Pro V2

The DAS-6 Pro V2 is a powerful yet user friendly polisher, offering a little more bite over the DAS-6 V2.


Orbit: 9mm
Motor: 900w
Speed: 2500 - 6500 opm
Cable: 6m

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DAS-6 Pro Plus V2

The DAS-6 Pro Plus V2 is a powerful large throw polisher, offering even more power over the DAS-6 Pro V2.


Orbit: 15mm
Motor: 1000w
Speed: 1800 - 4800 opm
Cable: 6m

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DAS-6 Nano

The DAS-6 Nano is a very small, cordless polisher designed for getting to tighter and more intricate areas.


Orbit: 3mm / 12mm / Rotary
Power: 2x 2.5ah batteries
Speed: 2000 - 5500 opm

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