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Auto Finesse Aqua Coat

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Auto Finesse Aqua Coat

Auto Finesse Aqua Coat is an easy to use and highly durable spray on, rinse off Si02 coating. Aqua Coat is designed to be used after you have washed your vehicle to lay down an incredibly quick and durable layer of protection.

Aqua Coat will change the way you wash your car. Simply apply to all exterior surfaces and rinse off and you will see an enhanced water beading effect and protecting the surface for up to 3 months.

Features of Auto Finesse Aqua Coat

  • Simple spray and rinse formula
  • Can be used on paintwork, trims and glass
  • Offers 2-3 months of protection

How to use Auto Finesse Aqua Coat

Using Aqua Coat is very easy, simply wash the vehicle as usual, once you have finished the shampoo sting and have rinsed the vehicle down proceed to spray Aqua Coat all over the vehicle. Aqua Coat is safe to use on paintwork, trim, glass and much more.

Once the whole car is covered in Aqua Coat, proceed to rinse the vehicle down again to activate the Si02 coating. You will see it come to life in front of your eyes and the water will instantly bead up and roll off the vehicle. Not only does this protect your vehicle, but also makes it much easier to dry off.

TIP: Once Aqua Coat has been rinsed to activate and the water is beading on the surface, use an open ended hose or a steady stream of water to encourage the water to sheet off the vehicle, this makes the drying process much quicker.

Size: 1L & 5L