We get asked questions about snow foam more and more often recently, so I thought I’d help you all out a little as to what it does, what you need, and what it looks like.

So, what is snow foam?

Snow Foam is a Pre-Wash product that helps to break down and remove dirt and grime which accumulates on your cars paintwork, making this a great first step to washing a dirty car as you don’t have to make contact with the paint surface with a wash mitt or sponge. Pre-Wash products remove loose dirt, dust and grime resulting in a car that is is ready for the wash (shampoo) stage.

Snow Foam is by no means the be-all and end-all of washing your car, it will not leave it squeeky clean and ready for a concours show.

How to I apply snow foam?

To apply snow foam you ideally need a Snow Foam Lance, if you don’t already have one don't panic! We stock them with a wide range of fittings to suite most pressure washers, please click here. Alternatively you can use snow foam through a pressurised sprayer however this won’t give the same foam effect as using a pressure washer and lance.

What does snow foam look like?

Snow foam is normally white in colour (although you can get coloured snow foams) and comes in an array of thicknesses from a thin layer of foam to an almost shaving foam like consistency.

The thickness of the foam mainly determines on the dilution level you choose. Many manufacturers specify 1 – 2 inches of foam in the bottom of the bottle, however even just this small difference can make a big difference to the foam produced.

Why are there so many snow foams?

The reason there is so much choice is obviously to do with the manufacturers, and the types of foam produced. There are foams for heavier soiling, foams that do no ‘foam’ as much as others, foams that have a longer cling time, and RRP is taken into account.

What Snow Foam is best me for me?

Regularly heavy soiled vehicle – Valet Pro Advanced Neutral, Bilt Hamber Auto Foam, Auto Finesse Avalanche, Dodo Juice Apple iFoam, Valet Pro Snow Foam Combo 2.

Lightly soiled vehicle – Valet Pro PH Nuetral Snow Foam, Chemical Guys Honeydew Snow Foam.