Valet Pro Snow Foam Combo 2

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Valet Pro Snow Foam Combo 2

Valet Pro Snow Foam Combo 2 is an alkaline based pre-wash with high foaming capabilities. Snow Foam Combo 2 is designed to remove wax layers as well as other contaminants from the vehicles paintwork like oil, petrol and diesel stains.

Snow Foam Combo 2 can be used on cars to prepare before detailing, however due to it not being wax safe it would not be suitable for maintaining the finish. Combo 2 would also be well suited to commercial vehicles like vans, trucks, buses and much more.

Features of Snow Foam Combo 2

  • Powerful alkaline cleaner
  • Thick foam
  • Perfect for commercial vehicles
  • WARNING: will strip waxes

How to use Snow Foam Combo 2

Dilute in a Snow Foam Lance, apple to the vehicle and allow to dwell for several minutes. Do not allow to dry on the surface.

Rinse well from the vehicles surface and proceed to wash. WARNING: NOT WAX SAFE.

Size: 1L & 5L

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