Soft99 New Fusso Coat Dark

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Soft99 New Fusso Coat Dark

Soft99 New Fusso Coat is a wax with impressive hydrophobic and protective properties, offering up to 12 months of durable protection. Fusso Coat contains unique fluoropolymers which effectively reduces adhesion of dirt and repels water. A car coated in Fusso Coat is protected against negative effects of weather conditions such as acid rain, UV rays, road salt and much more! Fusso Coat comes in two variants, Dark and Light for different paint types.

How To Use New Fusso Coat

Ensure the vehicle is clean and dry before application. Apply Fusso Coat sparingly using the supplied applicator. Spread evenly and thinly on the paint working a cross-motion. Wait around 5 minutes for the wax to bind. Buff excess off with a clean microfibre towel.

Size: 200g

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