Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit

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Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit

Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit

The Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit contains everything you need to clay your vehicle. Claying your car will remove bonded contaminants that washing your car will not. Contamination like overspray, tree sap, fallout and much more can be removed safely and quickly, leaving a smooth surface ready for polishing and waxing.

  • Creates a smooth surface
  • Makes polishing easier
  • Increases the durability of sealants and waxes
  • Complete clay bar kit

How to use the Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit

Always use Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay with the supplied Meguiars Quik Detailer as a lubricant.

Ensure vehicle is clean then proceed to take the clay bar from the packet and flatten it into a palm sized piece.

Liberally spray the surface and the clay bar with lubricant and proceed to work the clay bar one section at a time with light pressure in a back and forth motion. You will begin to feel the difference.

As the clay bar becomes dirty and contaminated refold it to reveal a clean side. Continue around the vehicle until complete. Wipe clean any remaining lubricant with a clean microfibre towel and then proceed to polish and wax.

Should you drop the clay bar, dispose of it and use a fresh piece.

Kit Contains: 1x 473ml Quik Detailer 2x 80g Clay Bars & 1x Supreme Shine Microfibre Towel

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