Gyeon Q2M Tire Cleaner

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Gyeon Q2M Tire Cleaner

Gyeon Q2M Tire Cleaner is a specialist tyre and rubber cleaner designed to deep clean and remove old dressings, creating the perfect surface to apply a fresh coat of tyre dressing.

Properly cleaning your Tires with Gyeon Tire Cleaner will deliver better appearance and increased durability of your desired dressing, such as Gyeon Tire for that glossy durable finish, or Gyeon Tire Express for that more Satin, rich finish.

How to use Gyeon Q2M Tire Cleaner

When cleaning the wheels, clean the tyres too. Spray Q2M Tire Cleaner liberally on the tyre sidewall and on a brush (we recommend the Gyeon Q2M Tire Brush) and scrub the sidewall, allow to dwell and then rinse well. Do a second clean to check if suds are white which is an indicator of a clean surface. 

Sizes Available: 500ml, 1L & 4L

If you wish to sample Q2M Tire Cleaner, it can be found in the Gyeon Q2M Experience Sample Set

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