EZ Detail Brush Mini


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EZ Detail Brush Mini

EZ Detail Brush Mini

The mini EZ Detail Brush is just like it's bigger brother it reaches between spokes and even between brake calipers to thoroughly clean your wheels. The mini EZ Detail Brush is small enough to squeeze between tight spokes and in other smaller areas needing cleaning but is made of soft, nylon nylex bristles which easily flatten to squeeze into small openings.

The soft bristles will not scratch or dull the surface of your wheel and best of all they are chemical resistant meaning you can use the EZ Detal Brush with any type of wheel cleaner.

This brush has a bendable stem which bends to the contours of your wheels. It also features a vinyl covered tip to prevent accidental scratches and scrapes a rubber knuckle guard and an ergonomic handle for ease of use.

Size: 13 x 2.5 Inches

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